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Week of May 1

This is a Long Island sound and Long Island bays fishing report*. The fishing is red hot! Stripers can be found in the rips, and currents, and deep water "hallways" that they use to migrate. Spoons, Jigs, Bucktails, and Swimbaits are proving to be very effective. Checkout my favorite bucktail from S&S Bucktails.

Giant weakfish have come into the bays of long island to spawn and devour bait down below. Super fun.

Also, gigantic, ocean dwelling bluefish have move into the bays in search of bait and you can see schools of them everywhere. Reports of a school of blue fish 30 miles long have been reported. Cast up any any shore line, sand bar, current rip, or honestly anywhere with a topwater spook and your chances of hooking up to a gator blue are very high. Sight fishing them is a ton of fun. If you love topwater fishing this is the time of year to be out there. Book a trip!

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