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Guided Duck Hunts

Incredible amounts of waterfowl find themselves migrating along our coast in the fall and winter months.

We typically target surf scoters, white wing scoters, black scoters, common eiders, atlantic brant, old squaw, black ducks, geese, mallards, wood ducks, bluebills, goldeneye, and buffleheads. We go after these species in some of the coolest and most adventurous destinations. From the ocean, to a blind in a salt marsh, or into the woods, no matter the weather conditions, we will put you on the birds.



Give us a call if you are interested in booking a hunt. This way we can come up with a game plan to discuss which species you would like to target, how, where, and when.



New York Law enforces a maximum party of 4 people per boat. However, if bigger parties persist, accommodations can be made for extra transportation boats.


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